8 Days


Hello Friends. It has been a long time. I admit, I have been horrible in keeping my blog updated, but I am back now. I have adopted way too many hobbies and spread myself too thin. For example, my latest hobby is roller blading, and I have the scars to prove it. This is to say that, I have not been dedicating my free time to keeping up with the hobbies I initially invested in, such as this blog. The theme of the coming New Year 2020 may have to be “Focus.”

If you know from my previous blog posts, I still have an active subscription for FluentU to re-learn Japanese. This has not been going well, and it is completely my fault. I have no complaints with the site or material, I’ve just been lazy about it. I remember signing up for Duolingo (the free language app) in the past, and it sent me so many notifications to do my daily vocabulary, I deleted it. I have to decide whether or not to renew this yearly subscription at the cost of $240/year by December 12, 2019, and I am on the fence. Can I keep myself motivated enough to self-study? This is the question …




Since I only posted about a handful of pictures from my time in Japan, here is a picture of cat dolls from one of the many cute shops in Kyoto, Japan.




Now, it is time to address the title of my blog. In 8 days, I will finally be traveling to Thailand! I try to travel internationally at least once a year, and I have successfully saved and gotten three weeks of PTO (paid time off) approved. I hope to make regular blog posts while I am in Thailand, so please check in once in awhile for updates.

When I go on extended trips to another country, I like to be as non-tourist as possible. I plan to go to a couple of temples, but most of my time will be exploring the streets and food! And on that note, I have rough plans in terms of itinerary. It’ll be fun to see what happens without everything planned out. I do know that I will be spending my time in Chiang Mai, Phuket, and Bangkok, so if you have any suggestions, please feel free to comment. I’d appreciate recommendations.

I think that is it for my first blog post in a long while. I will be sure to post soon, documenting the days leading up to the actual traveling. I am hoping that this blog will allow me to reminisce and motivate me when I return and have to start accruing PTO for the next travel destination.


Cheers to three more days of work before my PTO begins. I will need all the caffeine.


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