Chiang Mai

Hello from Chiang Mai!

If you have had a chance to read my previous blog post, I wrote last about waiting for the check-in line to open for VietJetAir at the Suvarnabhumi International Airport in Bangkok. After passing through immigration and, while eating my ham and cheese sandwich, I booked a flight to Chiang Mai through VietJetAir for $55. I booked the flight on my phone, as it was 12:40 AM and everything was closed.

Around 3 AM small places to eat within the airport began to open. I bought a grande Americano from Starbucks and headed to the check-in line. I suggest standing in line 30 minutes prior to check-in opening (counter opened at 4:10 AM), as people begin to line up quickly. At the counter I had to pay the cost of my ticket to check-in my carry on, as it was over the weight limit, but at this point, I was glad to check-in my suitcase.

After passing security, which I was so over at this point (taking my laptop out, removing my jacket, shoes, etc.), I found a deserted section with multiple free seats to lay down (Yes, finally some leg room). After a couple of hours, I hear the call to board. I am so ready at this point to get on the plane that will take me to Chiang Mai within an hour. All I can picture is how amazing it will be to lay in the hotel bed when I finally make it there. To my great dismay, I am walking towards a shuttle bus (I died on the inside just a little). Everyone had to stand close together in the dimly lit shuttle bus, and it seemed like an eternity before we made it to the plane.





BKK to CNX via VietJetAir, 1 hour flight.




After a one hour plane ride and picking up my checked bag, I was ready to find transportation. Immediately out of the gate, I saw a counter with a sign that said Taxi 1-2 people, 150 baht (~$5 USD). I provided the hotel name and address, and as simple as 1,2,3, I was on my way. There was also a big taxi available for 4-5 people for 250 baht (~$8 USD).



After a 30 minute drive (it felt like less, maybe because I was so glad to be in a automobile as opposed to a plane), I arrived at my hotel (more specific information to be provided in a later post) ready to get into bed for a quick rest. Check-in was not until 2 PM, but after asking if I could check-in early, approximately 5 hours early, they said yes!

After an hour or two of rest, I needed to move around. There are many places to eat, but I found a random neighborhood eatery to eat/drink. I do not even know the name of spot, but it was delicious! I ordered a Chang Beer (Chang means Elephant and this is a common beer in Thailand), pad thai (of course), and a plate of fried morning glory. The total for this meal was 190 baht (~$6.33 USD)

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I am posting this on Dec. 8, 2019, but these are all the activities from the morning to afternoon of Dec. 4, 2019. I am going to go eat some breakfast, so I will stop here for now. I visited a small night market/food court in the area that night, so I will continue my next post from there! Have a safe and happy day everyone!


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