Post-Travel Blogging: Krabi, Thailand

Hello from the U.S.A,

I have been back a little over one week now, and I feel that I am well over my jet lag. Returning to work after a long travel forces a person to get over their jet lag quick. People still have pets, and pets still get sick. However I am blessed to have an amazing team, making the transition back as smooth as it could have been.

If you have been keeping up with my previous blog posts, I finished posting about Chiang Mai, and will now be posting about Krabi. I stayed in Krabi for about one week, and my main goal was to relax at the beach. During my last few days in Chiang Mai, I purchased a flight to Krabi with AirAsia for ~$80. I opted for a more expensive direct flight with no stops, so if you do not mind stopping, you can find a ticket for cheaper.

AirAsia flight to Krabi took about two hours. I highly recommend AirAsia for domestic flights, as I had no problems with the flight at all. 

Once I was off the plane, I found transportation to my hotel at the airport. You do not have to plan for transportation, as it is readily available to book at the airport when you land. I decided to take a bus, which was significantly cheaper than a taxi for approximately $3.50. The hotel was about 40 minutes away from the airport, and I thought this was well worth the cost. In all honesty, after the bus ride, I thought that I should have paid for a taxi instead. The bus made multiple stops, and at a certain point, I wanted to eat and rest. The taxi would have been double the price of the bus, but it still is not expensive by any means. You also get the added benefits of going straight to your destination with ample room to relax. The bus ride to the hotel, with all its stops, took about 1 hour and 15 minutes. There were times where we went to the wrong stop and time was lost. Before you get onto the bus, you tell the driver where you need to go. He will write it down and take you there, but sometimes, there may be some miscommunication.

All of the passengers’ luggage was situated at the front of the bus. 

I booked Hotel Blue Sotel for my stay in Krabi for the pool and location. On the days I did not go to the beach, to avoid the sand and people, I relaxed by the large pool with a swim up bar. The Hotel was also situated on the main street, and it was easy access to multiple restaurants. The Aonang beach was also less than 10 minutes away by foot.

If I look back, I am sure I gained most of my travel weight while I was in Krabi because all I did was relax, eat, and drink for one whole week. If I was walking, it was to a nearby restaurant to again relax, eat, and drink. It was a great week. Below is a collage of some of the dishes I consumed while in Krabi. Be sure to hover over the pictures for the captions and click if the captions are too long for a quick hover for more information regarding the individual dishes/food.

After gaining about 10 pounds, I was ready to catch my next flight to my final destination within Thailand, Bangkok. I will be sure to post my last post about Thailand soon! I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas, and enjoy all the New Year’s festivities.

I drank so much, which also probably contributed to my astronomical travel weight gain! However, no regrets!



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