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I hope everyone is doing well as can be during a global pandemic. It has been quite the roller coaster of events and emotions these past few months personally, but I am finally here. It has been about 4 months since my last blog post, and my goal was to write a post at least once a month. Let me remind myself that my blog is $114/year to maintain. In my defense, or to give myself and my small audience an excuse, work (veterinarian) has been kicking my behind.

With that said, I have been able to use this past week as a mini vacation from work. In the state of Virginia, a veterinarian must complete 15 hours of continuing education as a requirement to maintain an active veterinary license to practice. I had planned to attend a conference in California around this time, however due to Covid-19, the conference was canceled. As a result, I completed 15 hours of online lecture with testing at home. I like to complete work in large chunks if possible, so I chose to complete all 15 hours of lecture with testing in one day. This left me free to visit my brother, who has been working from his home in Baltimore, MD since the beginning of the pandemic, and focus on eating delicious take away for a week (no dining, contactless delivery, and etc.).

There are numerous topics that I can touch on related to the last 4 months, but this post will mainly be focused on delicious food! I will try my best to post soon after this for additional topics.

Before I get into the food, I want to talk about how I was able to eat all the take away in a safe and affordable manner. I have not been paying attention to the reward points that have been accumulating on my credit card (Chase Preferred – I will be happy to refer anyone interested). With that said, I saw that I had a lot of points and ordering a digital gift card for DoorDash was perfect timing. It was perfect timing in that Chase was offering 10% off when using points! I opted for a $200 digital gift card (cost was $180 in points), and I am proud to say, I put it all to good use! Additionally, DoorDash offered a 30 day free trial for DashPass, which removes the delivery fee on most of the restaurants in this area (or the places I wanted delivery from).

Now to get into the topic of the actual food! I will post the food based on the order that I ate it, and no food went to waste. I am truly thankful for the treadmill because it has been raining nearly every day to some degree.

La Barrita Restobar

Trio of Empanadas (Spinach, Chicken, and Beef), Spaghetti Carbonara, and Parrillada x2

This was by far the most expensive meal, but I have been waiting to eat at this place again since my last visit. I posted a few items from this restaurant in a previous post, and I vowed to return for their traditional Argentinian mixed grill plater (comes with a side of french fries and mixed salad). If you go to this restaurant, I highly recommend the USDA certified prime cuts of Black Angus beef! I personally thought the carbonara was too salty, and I would not order it again. I have tried a different pasta dish from this restaurant previously, and it was delicious! Do not forget to ask for the free bread and chimichurri sauce (Argentinian Pesto) since take away is encouraged (the chimichurri sauce is the absolute best)! I apologize for this picture. It pains me, but this is when I realized that taking pictures of take away food is not the easiest (compared to taking pictures in the restaurants).

Jazz + Soju

Jazz Wings Half & Half 16 Piece

I had to get my fix of Korean fried chicken! These chicken drumettes and wingettes were fried twice giving it the crunch Korean fried chicken is known for. The half and half means there are two flavors, soy garlic and spicy soy garlic. The fried chicken was a bit expensive to be honest, but it was good, especially with beer!

Angeli’s Pizzaria in Little Italy

Margherita Pizza

This is by far the best margherita pizza I have ever eaten. The crust was perfectly crunchy, and I could smell the basil as soon as I opened the box. I will most definitely be seeing this pizza again soon!

Twist Fell’s Point

I was so shocked at how delicious this breakfast was despite being delivered. I ordered the Chesapeake Eggs Benedict because it had jumbo lump Maryland crab meat, and I felt obligated to eat some crab before leaving. I could actually taste the crab, and it was delicious. However the most shocking was the poached eggs. Despite being delivered, the eggs were perfectly poached! I also ordered the Salmon & Bagel Plate and it was perfection!

Jong Kak

Fried Dumplings (Pork), Seafood Jjam Pong, Jja Jang Myun, and Tang Soo Yook

A typical Korean lunch! For those of you unfamiliar with these dishes, Seafood Jjam Pong is hot and spicy noodle soup with assorted seafood and vegetables. Jja Jang Myun is noodles topped with brown peking sauce with diced pork and vegetables, and Tang Soo Yook is deep fried battered beef with a sweet sauce.

Simply Sip Tea

Coconut Mango Bliss and Earl Gray Milk Tea with Boba

This was my first time trying Simply Sip Tea and it was a 10 out of 10. I typically do not get fruity drinks, but I got the coconut mango bliss (only comes in large size) because it was a popular drink. The mango pulp and chunks of mango made the drink, and it was refreshing. I also ordered a medium earl gray milk tea with boba in case I did not like the fruity drink. I will be returning here. Note: I ordered these drinks with less sugar and it was on point. I personally do not like sweet drinks, so I would recommend ordering with less sugar if you share a similar taste. Below is a picture of all the drinks and customizations you can ask for when ordering your drinks.


The Original, The Spicy Neighborhood Bird, and Fried Tofu

This was not on my list of foods, but what a wonderful discovery! Ekiben is currently only accepting online orders with an option for delivery or pick up. I picked up these bun sandwiches after grabbing some tea in the same area. I purchased the Original (Thai chicken meatballs, coconut black peppercorn sauce, seasonal slaw, roasted aromatics and fresh herbs) because it was my first time trying this, but I was more interested in eating the Spicy Neighborhood Bird (Taiwanese curry fried chicken thigh topped with spicy sambal mayo, pickles, and fresh herbs). I recommend the Spicy Neighborhood Bird 100% (non-spicy version available).

RA Sushi

Bara Chirashi Poke

This was so good! After eating a lot of heavy foods, a bowl of tuna, salmon, ahi tuna, and shrimp with cucumber, avocado and green onions in poke sauce over rice (topped with sesame seeds) hit the spot.

Akira Ramen & Izakaya

Okonomiyaki and Takoyaki

I am so glad I got to eat takoyaki (savory ball-shaped cakes containing chopped octopus and made from wheat batter). I have been craving this for a long time, and these hit the spot. I also ordered okonomiyaki (Japanese savory pancake with seafood, meat and vegetables), and it was delicious as well. Eating these foods reminded me of Japan, and I hope to visit again soon!

I hope you all enjoyed the post and have a chance to try these foods! Have a wonderful weekend, and stay safe! Until next time.


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