The Reality of the Journey’s Beginning

Hello from Thailand!

It is currently Dec. 6, 2019, 6:16 AM, and I am sitting in my hotel room typing up this blog post. I have been up/in and out of sleep since 4 AM, but I can feel that I am on my way to adjusting to the time difference. When I first arrived on December 4, 2019, it felt as if I had not slept in 3 whole days. I have been wanting to type a post every night, but after a day of exploring, I mentally and physically crash.

Let me detail the honest realities of my travel experience so far. I took a flight from Dulles International Airport (Washington D.C.) to Incheon International Airport (Seoul, South Korea) which took about 14 hours and 50 minutes via Korean Airlines. Last time, I visited Korea via this flight (2018), I vowed to take business class because I was so exhausted after the flight. Do not get me wrong, Korean Air has great service and amenities, it is that I personally cannot sleep on a flight and I am get uncomfortable sitting for a long period of time (back pain, leg pain …). Only if business class and first class were within my budget! All I truly want is the option to put my legs up, but I could not justify paying thousands of dollars for that leg prop.



In flight meal #1: Bibimbap which is mixed rice with meat and vegetables






In flight meal #2: Cod with potatoes and vegetables. I did not eat the salad in mustard sauce, cake, or bread. Not because it was not good, I do not eat well when I am in the air.



Prior to getting on my flight to Korea, I had not slept the night before as my flight was at 3AM. What was the point of sleeping right? I should have slept. After landing in South Korea, I had a layover for approximately 5 hours. There are numerous shops, places to eat, and a lot of sight seeing that can be done in Incheon Airport Terminal 2, however, I was half dead. I went straight to the Matina Lounge (credit card perk) to explore. I wanted to take a quick look and then find a place to sleep for a couple of hours before my next flight, which was to Bangkok. Unfortunately, I thought my phone would automatically update to the current time zone, and I lost track of time in the lounge. I was unable to take a nap and after brushing my teeth and washing my face in the bathroom, I was on a 5 hour flight to Bangkok.





I ate a fish cake with soup and downed a coffee before leaving.





After arriving in Bangkok, local time Dec. 4, 2019, 12:40 AM, I had to pass through immigration (I had to pass through security so many times in multiple countries, which also contributed to my exhaustion), and purchase a domestic flight to Chiang Mai. The earliest flight to Chiang Mai on VietJetAir was at 6:10 AM. I quickly found a ham and cheese sandwich and waited until 4:10 AM to check in (lines opened at this time).

KakaoTalk_Photo_2019-12-05-06-16-01-22.jpegMy first meal in Bangkok, and despite it being slightly burnt and extremely crispy, I liked it. The over toasted bread soothed my overall discomfort/exhaustion.

…. to be continued. I must go get some free hotel breakfast. I am going to see Elephants at a sanctuary and visit a well known temple today. Until my next post, be safe and happy everyone!

General Note: Low quality photos were taken on my phone with little effort. Higher quality photos were taken with a DSLR.


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